Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Almost Christmas (yup, I said it)

As many of us in Western Canada are going through a heat wave and thinking about swimming pools, lakes, boats, mojitos and sunscreen   - I am thinking about Christmas. 

Why you ask? 

Well, I have a little shop - hopefully you have arrived at this blog because you already are familiar with my products, but if you are not, please check out the pictures and the link on the right side of the page ----------->

Last year I knit and crocheted my little heart out and continued to steadily fill orders until March. It was glorious! After that I took some time to get ready for my trip with my mom to Holland and France. Then I had a big dance show to prepare for, and worked on some other projects - a sweater for my mom and some socks etc

But now I must think about Christmas items. Since it is only 6 months away and I my selling cut of is around the beginning of December, so there is time to ship it. I would dearly love to bake in the sun all day but apparently there's this thing called skin cancer that scares the bejesus out of me. So I can only sit in the hot hot heat for a while and then I must sit in the shade. There you will find me knitting or crocheting.

I have some ideas I need to get working on - and fast. The last couple of ideas I had were scooped by others or something in the news happened that changed how people would receive the item - I shouldn't procrastinate. Creatives - do you have ideas like that? Some are time sensitive aren't they?

Well, enough typing I guess I'm better pick up some yarn and make something.

Don't forget your sunscreen!

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