Saturday, 16 January 2016

Plans for 2016

I've decided to phase out the baby items for 2016 and focus more an ladies' accessories, but that leaves me with a box full of brand new items - should I have a bulk sale? Should I donate to a hospital or charity? I haven't quite decided yet.

One part of having an Etsy shop is reviewing favourite items. Two items that have been favourited multiple times are the bunny slippers for a rabbit:

 (sold one pair) 

And this mermaid tail (not yet sold): 
It's still early in the year, and I'm playing around and experimenting with what I can make and sell which would be a reasonable price for you to buy and worth it for me to make. I've made some slippers that took so much time, I really should sell them for $60+ but not too many people want to pay that for slippers. Just like knitted socks, most people only knit them for themselves or family members and the yarn itself can easily cost $25 and that doesn't include the knitting time. I get plenty of requests for leg warmers - but again, the time to hand knit them compared to the cost people pay just don't match up

I guess that's the million dollar question for any artisanal business, isn't it?

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